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Join Us in Supporting the SLERF Project: A Milestone in Innovation

The Story

In a recent mishap, Slerf, the well-meaning yet clumsy sloth, accidentally burned tokens meant for presale buyers, causing a stir in the crypto world. Partnering with LBank, a donation fund has been established to reimburse affected presale buyers. Despite the error, Slerf is calling for community support to turn this blunder into the most unforgettable tale in crypto history, solidifying $SLERF as the number one meme coin of all time.

For detailed information about compensation distribution, please reach out to Slerf Telegram Community:

SLERF's Grand Launch

Slerf (token listed on LBank at 17:20 on March 18th, 2024 UTC+8) has soared to success with 82k Twitter followers in three days, an active Telegram community, and daily Twitter spaces drawing over 30k listeners. Prominent press outlets like Bloomberg, Coindesk, and others have covered SLERF, while major web3 players like Beeple endorse it, cementing its status in the Web3 space.


Please note that LBank entered into a connection with the SLERF team only after the airdrop token burn crisis. LBank is neither the organizer of the donation nor a stakeholder. LBank solely acts as a reliable technical service provider to help donations and distributions move forward in an orderly manner without any attempt to gain financial benefits.