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How to copy trades on LBank?

Choose your traders

Choose from numerous trading masters with transparent trading records and filter by PnL, ROI, and more.


Set parameters

Choose which trading pairs to follow, specify your order amounts, and set up your TP/SL prices.


Start copying

Once you're all set up, you can copy an trading master's real-time buy and sell orders or close your positions at any time.

What are the advantages of LBank copy trading?

Safety and reliability

All trading masters have been strictly reviewed by LBank. Their trading records are visible, and their trading data is transparent and clear. Hundreds of high-quality trading masters and strategists are at your disposal.

All trader statistics come from real-time data of their trades on LBank, granting you authentic, timely, and transparent information for reference. All records of a trader's positions and orders are traceable through our system. Rest assured when copying an trading master or strategist.

Automated returns

Follow multiple trading masters at the same time to maximize your profits. Copy trading allows you to automatically enter and exit positions at the same time as the trading masters you follow, so you don't need to keep a close eye on the market. Simply following trading masters and strategists gives you the opportunity to enjoy higher returns with fewer obstacles.

Your copy trading dashboard shows realized and unrealized PnL for every trade. The dashboard is easy to follow and updated in real-time.

Customizing how you copy trade is simple and intuitive. Modify the amount, trading pairs, and futures types you want to copy at any time, or stop copying to take profit from a position whenever you want.

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