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Become an early member of the LBank affiliate program and get the highest commission rate

Welcome to the world's highest commission crypto affiliate program.

Invite friends to trade on LBank and earn up to a 60% commission on their trading fees.

You can even invite your influential friend to become your next level, and set his return rate.

Daily Trading Volume
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How Does the LBank Affiliate Program Work?
Apply to become an affiliate
Anyone with a community, media and other resources can apply to become an LBank affiliate.
Customize exclusive links
LBank will provide you with a professional service team and an exclusive invitation link to assist you in becoming an affiliate based on your completed contact information.
Get high commissions
You will earn your commissions when new users register and trade via your referral link.
Why become an LBank affiliate?
Highest commission
We offer industry-leading affiliate commissions, with up to 60% of trading fees as daily commissions and long-term affiliate relationships.
Professional service team
Provide each affiliate with a professional service team to answer the usage problems encountered by customers. Exciting activities to help affiliates increase their conversion rate.
Transparent Referral System
Our visualized referral dashboard provides affiliates with comprehensive and multi-channel commission management.
Second-Tier Commissions
Enjoy a unique commission system that can be set(second-tier commissions), modifiable and customizable.
What is the LBank Affiliate Program?

The LBank Affiliate Program allows you to create unique referral links that invite your community to register and trade on LBank. If anyone clicks the link and registers, they’ll be automatically attributed as your referral. You’ll receive a commission on every trade they make including Spot and Futures.

Who Can Join the LBank Affiliate Program?

1. YouTube Vloggers, TikTok influencer, crypto community leaders, writers, and other content creators who are willing to promote LBank on their respective platforms (social media accounts with over 10,000 followers or communities with over 100 members).

2. Advertiser, airdrop platform, SEO service provider, Crypto market websites, crypto tool websites, industry media websites, and other crypto websites.

3. Marketers, institutions, and organizations. 

How do I earn a higher bonus every month?

In addition to earning commission, you can now refer affiliates. For example, if you refer an influencer to join the LBank affiliate program. The influencer earns $10,000 in fees in a month, you can earn $1,000 as referral fees. The more referred affiliates generate, the more bonuses you will receive.