LBank Ambassador

As a global partner of LBank, an LBank Ambassador should be deeply involved in the exchange's marketing operations and make joint efforts to create a global business ecosystem.

If you are a big fan of the blockchain or cryptocurrency, willing to participate in the development, branding building and promotion of LBank, you are welcomed to join the LBank Ambassador team!

Campus Partner

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Campus Partner

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As a campus partner of LBank, an LBank Campus Partner is the representative of LBank in a specific university or college and responsible for the establishment and management of campus communities, content creation and activity organization.


Referral Commission

As an LBank Campus Partner, you can enjoy up to 50% of referral commission generated by their referred users as a referral commission, which will be settled in USDT and remain effective during their tenure.

Order Type
Commission Rate
Referral Conditions
Spot Trading
30% - 50%
based on the number of referrals
10% - 25%
if the total trading amount of all referrals reaches 1 million USDT every month
Leveraged Tokens
10% - 50%
if the total trading amount of all referrals reaches 10 thousand USDT every month
Note: 1. Percentage of the referral commission will be updated on a monthly basis. 2. The Community Ambassadors can enjoy referral commission forever during tenure.

Basic Task Privileges

50-1000 (based on the quality) USDT worth of reward for each content production. (Required task 1)

Budget for off-line activity organization. (Required task 2, 3)

Required tasks
Tasks 1
Content creating (no restriction of the form of the content). At least 3 productions per month.
Tasks 2
Organize off-line activities with students (Lectures, Cocktail parties or other activities). At least once a month.
Tasks 3
Establish crypto-related student organization/community/club. Manage activities independently.


Rewards 1
Summer internship at the headquarter of LBank if worked over 6 months.
Rewards 2
The ones who work above 1 year will become a regular staff of LBank.

Incentive Policies

Special Incentive
Whitelist (at least 100$) for popular project sales or the right to transfer the whitelist for campus partners with outstanding performance.

LBank Campus Partner Application

Requirements1:Possess basic knowledge of the crypto industry and experience of trading or crypto-related jobs.

Requirements2:Be proficient in English and the local language; have an education background with a major in Finance/Marketing-related majors preferred; and have good writing skills.

Requirements3:Be extrovert, thoughtful, and always active to participate in activities of student organizations/clubs with good organization abilities.

Requirements4:Once acted as a leader of student organizations/clubs preferred; experience of writing original articles about crypto preferred; experience of translation work about cryptos preferred.


Everyone is welcome to apply with all of the mentioned conditions met; Meanwhile, supporters of LBank’s concept, loyal contributors and big LBK holders are preferred.

It is the duty of LBank Campus Partners to actively protect the rights and interests of LBank community users, and any engagement in behaviors that harm LBank community users is strictly forbidden. Once violated, the user will be immediately disqualified as LBank Campus Partners.

Nice to meet you, LBank Campus Partners!

LBank Campus Partners are certificated partners of LBank, and solely engaged in promo events in their own name, and are not entitled to undertake or promise any express or implied obligation in writing or otherwise in the name of LBank or on behalf of LBank.