LBank Card

Unlock unparalleled payment freedom and flexibility by seamlessly integrating cryptocurrencies with LBank cards, and enable effortless use of crypto assets in everyday transactions.

Shop with Popular Crypto (USDT)

Instant Crypto Conversion
As you make purchases with your card, our smart system instantly converts your cryptocurrency into equivalent traditional currency, ensuring smooth payments that seamlessly bridge the digital and traditional economies.
Global Payment Freedom
No matter where you are in the world, our payment system offers diverse options, covering over 50 countries and a million stores worldwide, making every transaction easy and convenient.
Industry-leading low transaction fees
By offering low transaction fees, LBank encourages user participation, reduces entry costs, and enhances both market competitiveness and customer loyalty.
LBank Card
Delve into the latest application trends of crypto, exploring their innovative uses that are constantly evolving in the financial sector and daily transactions