Betting on Solana, DePIN, AI-Crypto Integration, and Perpetual Contracts (Perps) in the New Year


In its 2024 report on cryptocurrencies, Messari shows a keen interest in technologies like Solana, DePIN, AI in crypto, and Perpetual Contracts (Perps). The report analyzes the latest developments in these technologies and their potential market impacts.

Development and Expectations for Solana:

The report delves into the technical advancements of the Solana network, including Local Fee Markets, QUIC, Stake-Weighted QOS, etc. These upgrades have mitigated downtime risks and enhanced network stability. It particularly highlights how cNFT technology is reducing the costs of NFT minting and management and how protocols like Helium and Render are leveraging these technologies to reduce costs and boost the Solana ecosystem.

Breakthroughs in DePIN, DeSoc, and DeSci:

Messari emphasizes the potential impact of DePIN in decentralized storage, databases, wireless networks, and AI robotics. The report is also optimistic about the future development of DeSoc and DeSci sectors, with innovations that have the potential to transform existing business models and scientific research methods.

Integration of AI and Cryptocurrency:

The report suggests that advancements in AI will spur the demand for cryptocurrency solutions, especially in payments, smart contracts, and data collection. The fusion of AI and cryptographic technologies opens new possibilities for future application development.

The Significance of Perpetual Contracts (Perps):

Messari pays special attention to the development of perpetual contracts in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, considering it an important future focus. It mentions platforms like dYdX, Drift, Jupiter, and Synthetix, emphasizing their potential in offering experiences similar to centralized exchanges.


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