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MetaExpand, short for Universal Metaverse Expansion Protocol (token name: UMM), is a universal metaverse expansion protocol. MetaExpand is the underlying infrastructure for a metaverse ecosystem that dramatically reduces the technical gap between the public chain and metaverse applications, providing more user-friendly storage, communication, privacy, cross-chain, and transactional base plug-ins and development standards geared towards metaverse application development, so that developers don"t have to overthink the technical differences of the underlying blockchain; MetaExpand will also provide a common metaverse expansion protocol (token name: UMM), a universal metaverse expansion protocol. MetaExpand will also provide templates for meta-universe building blocks that can be used either as public plug-ins or as a starting point for rapid development. MetaExpand is positioned to be compatible with and empower other mainstream public chains, extending and accelerating their metaverse ecosystem development capabilities.

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