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PairedWorld is the first & only social protocol that authenticates and rewards Real World Interactions, powered by the $PAIRED token. While tackling societal challenges such as digital addiction and loneliness, the protocol also introduces a fresh avenue for online communities to manifest in the physical world, opening new chapters in SocialFi, DeSoc and new data sets (RWIs) for consumer brands.

w3meet - the flagship dApp of the protocol, enhances genuine human connections by turning gatherings into rewarding experiences, expanding social networks, and empowering users to discover and host events.
Proprietary technology: Custom Validium (Zk-SNARKs) for RWIs authentication Mobile app live for both iOS & Android
Selected by expert jury as Top 5 ‘Best Blockchain for Social Impact Project’ at Paris Blockchain Week Industry Awards (11th April 2024)

Some of our Community Partners 
Accelerate Art, Agoria, Crypto Oasis, JukeBox Ecosystem, Moda Dao, Non Fungible Conference, NFT Paris, Party Degens, Real Vision, Satoshi Island, Superchief, Synthopia (Gramatik), The Digital Commonwealth, Web3Fest, WINK.

• Whitepaper: https://docs.paired.world/whitepaper 
• Foundation Website: https://paired.world
• PairedWorld Twitter: https://twitter.com/PairedWorld
• w3meet Website: https://w3meet.app
• Twitter w3meet dApp: https://twitter.com/w3meetapp

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