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We are an innovative finance company centered around cryptocurrency payment processing. We aim to become the future point-of-sale cryptocurrency by integrating our block chain with popular e-commerce checkout and payment systems.

The OMAX cryptocurrency, also known as the OMAX COIN. The coin adopts best practices from fiat currencies throughout the world, making it simple to use and extremely useful. The OMAX COIN is a tradable utilility payment coin thats created on the OMAX blockchain and adheres to industry standards and procedures.
OMAX Chain relies on a system of PoS consensus that can support short block time and lower fees. The most bonded validator candidates of staking will become validators and produce blocks. The double sign detection and other slashing logic guarantee security, stability, and chain finality.The OMAX Chain also supports EVM-compatible smart contracts and protocols. This is the native and only usable currency in the OMAX ecosystem.

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