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NRT, recognized as NEO Credit, is a key token within the My NEO Group, a leader in FinTech and cryptocurrency solutions. Integrated into the NEO ONE Super App, NRT operates as a versatile utility and gas token, facilitating seamless transactions and bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and traditional finance. Collaborating with an extensive network of professionals and adhering to multiple international licenses, the group fosters financial innovation and autonomy. NRT is crucial in this mission, simplifying fiat-crypto exchanges and underpinning a modular API for sophisticated bank card functionalities, thus cementing its role as a fundamental component of My NEO Group"s forward-thinking financial framework. For detailed insights and updates about NRT and My NEO Group, explore the whitepaper on myneo.org, join the community on Telegram at neocircleoff_italia, and follow their Twitter MyNEOGroup_Off for the latest news.

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