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MintMe is generally a crowdfunding platform based on mintme.com coin blockchain technology which allows all its users to create a token with a purpose of monetizing their projects and investing in other people"s projects. It revolutionizes how people help each other by allowing both sides to earn through an innovative way of crowdfunding. Anyone can create a token that represents themselves or a project in just a few clicks, personalize it and promote it to obtain support. Buyers/investors that get interested in a particular token will find it listed in the trading list then they will select the token pair to create a buy order in exchange for mintme.com coin. Furthermore, mintme.com coin can be exchanged for other coins(BTC, ETH, USDC, BNB) and tokens at mintme.com
Originally mintme.com coin was known as Webchain Coin (WEB), but later, the name "Webchain Coin (WEB)" was rebranded to mintme.com coin (MINTME) on December 3rd, 2019 as announced in our newsletter https://www.mintme.com/coin/news/mintme-com-coin-rebranding

mintme.com coin had no ICO. Although it’s not just a fork of ETC, we changed the whole hashing algorithm to a customized Lyra2-mintme version to decrease differences in hash rate between high-end CPUs and lower-end CPUs without giving GPU an advantage.

The coin was later accepted to be part of the core-geth project https://github.com/etclabscore/core-geth, which is Ethereum Classic. That means that you can use the same implementation of ETC for our coin without needing to install anything even if you are not using Ethereum Classic but just Ethereum Which is also compatible, since core-geth supports ETC, ETH and MINTME.

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