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Being the First Crypto Currency in the Arab World, HZM, What does HZM mean?
HZM stems from the Arabic word for "firmness." The name represents HZM"s integrity and commitment to improving
safety and well-being worldwide. Why the Camel?
The camel emblem signifies a long journey, recouping your energy and the ability to persevere in the face of life"s
challenges. In a broader sense, the emblem represents the potential to overcome adversity and create positive
change. HZM, is backed by A Crypto Souq "market" which allows people to Buy, Sell and Rent using crypto currencies. Crypto Souq is intended to go live in the coming few weeks. on top of that, HZM brings multi mobile games for all ages, firts game to go live by Dec 2021. out of 100 Billion HZM, Founders decided to Burn 95% of it, where we stand now with only 5 Billion HZM, and more than 95% is already being in the peopl"s hands.

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