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GemHUB encourages the participation of game companies in the blockchain game market and global expansion by providing game-oriented De-Fi services.
GemHUB aims for P&E(Play and Earn) experiences. It intends to expand upon the concept of P2E (Play to Earn) with a clear purpose to create additional profits while also allowing users to enjoy games. To increase the sustainability of tokenomics from a P&E perspective, GemHUB has structured several devices. When a new game is launched, game companies must secure and pay for GHUB on their own so that they can possess the game"s token, thereby avoiding the reckless increase of game tokens and preventing the value of GHUB from being damaged by an increase of game tokens. As an additional measure, GHUB’s value is maintained using the “Eco Fund” system for tokens distributed in partner games. Liquidity is supplied and managed through the pair pool of KLAYswap, a decentralized exchange, and GHUB forms a separate pair pool with KLAY. Liquidity is induced by providing additional rewards to the GHUB-InGame Pair Pool, which lacks an incentive to supply liquidity compared to the GHUB-KLAY Pair Pool. Provide GHUB payment rewards for continuous supply to partner game companies.

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