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To place a request for injecting data into the Bridge Oracle system, users are asked to pay the required fee. Bridge Oracle provides two various payment methods for users to pay the cost of their requests including BNB and BRG.
BRG is the native token of Bridge Oracle’s ecosystem with a total supply of 10 billion tokens, using which the clients of the project would be able to pay for their demanding services with a discount. Besides that, as mentioned in the whitepaper, 20% of BRG’s supply is allocated to public sale and was distributed in an IEO on BW exchange in September 2020. The rest of the supply lies in platforms and the smart contract for more distribution and also for more operations, developments, and audits. It is worth mentioning that the fundamental principle of BRG’s distribution policy is to prevent centralization and create maximum dispersion.
For further information about BRG, you can check out the whitepaper on Bridge’s official website

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