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The total supply of YBCoin is 30.5 million. Its origin can be traced back to 2013. It is a digital asset widely recognized and compliant with the global Chinese community, aiming to empower participants. By 2023, Yuanbao Coin achieved a historic milestone with the issuance of upgraded technology, marking a significant innovation in the Web3.0 application ecosystem. Upholding principles of fairness and transparency, the initial issuance of Yuanbao Coin was entirely generated through the Fair Mint method by community members, reflecting its commitment to promoting autonomy and cooperation. The YBC ecosystem, based on a governance model founded on a distributed autonomous organization (DAO) and relying on strong community consensus, has facilitated the growth and adoption of YBC among the global Chinese community. Its goal is to popularize YBC as a payment application among the global Chinese population, jointly constructing a new era of compliant, open, and participatory digital economy.                                                                                                                                                                     

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