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OKB is a global point issued by the OK Blockchain Foundation, referred to as OKB. OKB does not do ICO and does not publicly raise funds from investors. OKB was initially issued based on the Ethereum ERC 20 protocol, and will be transferred to the self-developed public chain OKChain in the future.

OKB Foundation and OKEx will establish a strategic partnership to build OKB into an important part of the OKEx ecosystem, which will be used in the OKEx platform and various ecological chain projects invested by OKEx in the future.

Sharing and transparency are the core concepts of the blockchain. OKEx will launch a platform sharing plan to distribute 60% of OKB global universal points to OKEx users for free year by year, so that every user can participate in the construction and development of the platform and build the OKEx block. Chain ecosystem.

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