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Self-sovereign identity (SSI) / Decentralised identity puts data back under the control of the individual so they can decide when, what and to whom they share their data. However it is missing a payments system which is slowing growth. We are building that payment system through a dedicated public permissionless network on Cosmos, with a dedicated token (CHEQ) and crucially pluggable tokenomics and payment rails to incentivize all particpents to build new trusted data ecosystems and new data market places.

As identity and trusted data shifts to this paradigm, we will be the de-facto payment mechanism for identity and trusted data, globally and cross-industry. We have already signed to our network over 60% of the Self-Sovereign Identity market (SSI companies bulding SSI applications ontop of our network) who will bring their customers (large banks, supply chain, manufacturing, web3, DeFi, NFTs, exchanges etc...) to our network as well as build applications on our network.

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